Every company that is centered on the transportation, construction and manufacturing industry, it is from safety awareness and implementation of safety policy that reputation thrives. Once this is lacking, it will be difficult for such companies to attract clients and do business effectively well. Cranes are heavy duty machines in motion.

Any slight mistake, spells damage, injury, or even death to properties/equipment and life respectively in some cases. It is when these are not in view that the company is said to have its reputation intact. Maxim Lifting Services is known for its safety standards in the business. From mini crane hire to larger scale engagements, Maxim operates according to stipulated company’s policy and regulations.

Before you choose a mini crane hire company, the following five (5) tips should be followed:

· Reputation: A mini crane hire company whose reputation has been put on the line only says one language. Bad safety culture! You might want to think again where to invest your money when such a company pops up.

· Service Delivery: This includes everything from customer service to field operations and strict adherence to company’s policy by personnel (crane operators and co).

· Workforce/Personnel: Nothing compares to a workforce that know their roles and responsibilities during working hours. Looking out for each other either by what a colleague might do wrong or refuse to do. This kind of workforce signifies one thing. A good workforce with good safety culture!

· Safety Oriented: All personnel must use all required personal protective equipment and not sabotage the rules. This is a thumbs up for a company that is safety oriented.

· Few or No Cases of Injured Personnel: Good safety culture in a working environment is an injury/death free environment. These considerations will be helpful when choosing a mini crane hire company.